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What To Do When You Hate Your Career & Can’t Go Back to College

The idea that you have to remain in your existing career, doing the job you always have done, is a proven myth. Spending the majority of our life working in a career job that we don’t like it is to me, very similar to a prison sentence.

Let’s not fool ourselves, realizing that we have studied the wrong carrier is something that happens to many of us. Some people will see it as a failure and wasted time, some others instead, will see it as an opportunity to start looking for something else.

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But, what to do when you hate your career? Let’s start with the analogy that all human beings evolve and change over time. What excites us at the age of 20 may not be the same as what we enjoy at 30 but much less at the age of 50. Staying static or taking another path in our life is an option. Do you hear me? is an option we all have.

You may have chosen a career that you are not passionate about, but it is not something that should limit anyone and I will explain it with my experience.

My story

I studied in information system and I worked for about 10 years as IT. However, at the age of 35 my priorities, my goals, and my passions just changed. I quit my corporate job and also my career to consciously take the risk to embark in the new chapter of my life.

All started because I wanted to have more time for my family. Tired of my stressful lifestyle, I decided to learn affiliate marketing and today I have created an online business. That’s the reason why I believe you don’t have to feel bad for changing your career path. It is like Albert Einstein said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

With the vast market of the internet, it is super straight forward to start an online business, the investment is less than two dollars a day and the chances of success are much higher than a traditional brick and mortar business.

I am not saying it will be easy to become successful. In fact, to start earning money with an online business, you must be fully trained and be willing to work hard. Success only happens when you are capable to take opportunities. So, you must take action and learn all you can about affiliate marketing.

It took me around a year to build my first website and start earning money. So, it all depends on how hard you work for it.

I think that without the need to go back to college for 4 more years, with effort and hard work, anyone can become a successful business owner.

What to do when you hate your career

Do not Let Criticism from others Limit you

We give too much importance to what others think of us. Remember, the important thing is to know where you want to go. We can all make mistakes, and sometimes, many of us wish to change careers or do something different. The problem is that not everybody wants to pay the price of changing.

Do not be cruel with yourself, look at everything you have learned. I’m sure you could apply the knowledge you have gained in any other area.

Propose yourself a change of mentality and you will create a future that you feel Passionate About

It is not worth investing our talents in something that we do not even enjoy. Today, many of us arrive at college without being sure of our gifts or what we are passionate about.

Many times, we choose a career simply because it guarantees a better financial future. Others, restrain themselves of learning and doing what they really enjoy because society has taught them that maybe there is no future there.

Remember that our intelligence is malleable

The problem is that sometimes we do not recognize our own capabilities. If you propose to yourself to become an entrepreneur and create a different mindset, a better way of living can be knocking your door. You can be successful online in any area you want, you just need motivation, being ready to overcome the challenge and hard work.

I personally think that just like me, who one day decided to change careers and quit my job to pursue a new career, you so can do it.


But Ria! How can I achieve this?

Let’s focus on making the most out of your situation. Changing careers could mean this is your best opportunity to become an entrepreneur. But, what is the attitude that must be adopted for this change to be an opportunity? Let’s talk about this below.


If you are already working doing something you do not enjoy, but because of your responsibilities you cannot immediately quit, hang in there, and focus on setting a goal.


Search within yourself those things that you have always wanted to do or talk about, that thing that when you are doing it you feel so excited.

Look inside, every one of us has something that really excites us and motivates us. So, find your passion, it will determine your new path to be successful.

I have seen many people that don’t notice they are passionate about something. I believe it is because it usually happens so naturally that just flies under our radar. One thing I have observed, people that knows us and are close to us do notice our passions.

What are examples of things that people tend to be passionate about?

It could be any ‘normal’ everyday thing like photography, traveling, cooking, bike riding, hiking, motivate others, education for children, teaching English, etc.


I added becoming an online entrepreneur as the third step because it is the route I used to escape my job and have not regretted it.

The internet, a place full of opportunities for everyone, is a great way to start a new career. I have seen so many people succeeding, all with different backgrounds. People that are changing careers, parents, retirees and people that just want to build an online business are taking this road to generate income online. So why will not work for you?

Working from home is a dream come true for many. Building an online business is possible for you in the same way it was possible for me. But you know what? it will only work if you take action, no one else will do it for you.

If you want to know more about creating an online business, I recommend you check the article below

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It consists of pouring that which you feel passionate about onto a website, which you can monetize through affiliate marketing and advertising.



Is about promoting items and products that others have for sale which help you earn money through commission.

As an example, we could pretend you are passionate about traveling and seeing new places. Traveling would be your website’s niche.

How would you earn money with a website about traveling?

You could promote items from different stores, like Amazon or Target. Items that could be related to traveling, like photographic cameras, traveling cases, essential items to have when traveling, etc. You could even promote hotels you have stayed at or are planning to stay in as well.

Earlier I wrote briefly about what is needed to achieve success in an online business


this will equip you with the knowledge needed to build your website, how to get your articles and posts ranked on the first page of a search engine’s search results, etc.


for something you wish to achieve, or for something you feel you cannot stop talking about. For me, having made clear, why I wanted a change in my life, is what motivated me the most and what helped me to persevere and never give up.

Hard work:

Online business is like any other business; you will need to invest a massive amount of time on it and it has never meant easy money. It will take resilience to take your business toward your goal.

If you are interested in knowing the training I took when I started showing interest in how to earn money online, it was the Wealthy Affiliate online training. You can create a free account on their website and have access to 10 online lessons to get you started, totally free.

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Many people are very interested in the idea of building your own business but, because of the fear of failure, never start. If you think this is your opportunity, do not hesitate, is your turn to take action!. Is always up to you how high you want to reach for.

Affiliate Marketing Learn the Skills

If you have any questions or comment, leave it below, helping people starting their own online business is what I do.

See you next time my friends.


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