Is The Five Minute Profit Sites a Scam [Honest Review]

Hello folks, welcome to the Five Minute Profit Sites review where I discuss the program that promises earnings of $519 a day with only 23 minutes of your time. I am doing it because I know people are asking questions like: is Five Minute Profit Sites a scam? What is this program really about? or if you really can make money with it? I also discuss my experience using the program and what can you expect from it.

I confess that just by reading their marketing, it already starts to look unethical, but I have decided to research this so you can be more informed. I do not like to see innocent people fall for online traps, especially when they are looking for online opportunities to earn money from home.

Product Name: Five Minute Profit Sites

Founder: Sam Smith Unknown

Price: $37

Scam: Yes

Rating: 4/100

Recommended: No


It is a program that promises to have uncovered the secret about how to become rich fast using affiliate marketing but the reality is that the program fails to teach you affiliate marking. It is all about learning how to advertise its own product.

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Is The Five Minute Profit Sites a Scam?

Let’s find out.


The website seems to have multiple channels to promote their program and all of them point to earning incredible amounts with just 23 minutes of your time a day.


I always recommend staying away from products or services that promise fast riches, because I know they can’t deliver on that promise. There are platforms that provide guidance and tools, yes, but it will always be about hard work and time invested.

I do understand the allure of earning $519 a day, trust me.

Is there any truth in their process and the information displayed as income earned by their users?

I believe anyone can manipulate data of this kind. At first blush, I think this program is a scam.

Why does the website use the $519 amount? is it a magic number? I don’t know. But their marketing also promises that you can create a free website in just 17 clicks and less than 5 minutes.

For many people looking for online opportunities this will sound great, more so if you have read mine and other blogger’s articles where we say that affiliate marketing is an incredible way to earn income.


Even though the program contains some training, everything is focused on how to sell their program to other people, not how affiliate marketing works necessarily. Five Minute Profit Sites’ (FMPS) purpose is to promote itself, with your help. You learn to send spam to other people with the hope they commit the same mistake as you.

Other programs offered by FMPS after you register are below.

FMPS Faster Profit of $197

This service promises personalized support, free hosting on a faster server and a free domain name.

FMPS Double your Profits sites $187

This service offers to obtain another website in a niche other than “Make money online” which is the focus on the first website.

FMPS Traffic Tsunami $97

Frankly, this should be a part of every affiliate marketing program for free because without a viable method to generate traffic the conversion chances are slim.

How does Five Minute Profit work

The process is simple, you register through their website and you receive an email from with instructions.

Steps you need to follow to start using the program

  1. Create your ClickBank account for Five Minute Profit Sites (FMPS) or use an existing one if you already have one.
  2. Pick a domain name from selection as “your website”
  3. Create an account and Sign up on
  4. Connect your GetResponse account to FMPS
  5. Create the autoresponder following the FMPS instructions
  6. Invest some money in Solo Ads and start driving traffic to your “website”
  7. HOPE to make some money

See the image below.

After these steps, you will have a landing page, not a full website as their marketing states, that only has an embedded video that invites you to download the software that will help you earn money.

People that visit your landing page and register will leave you their name and email and this will be the tool you will use to create future sales with affiliate links from the Clickbank network.

The idea is to build an email list from your users and constantly send them marketing offers.

The Truth Behind Five Minute Profit Sites (FMPS) 

FMPS boasts that their program is free, but in reality, you won’t be able to download it without first paying $37. Not just that, you will need to be ready to subscribe to an email list and buy ads or publicity space in order to generate traffic for your landing page.

To be honest, with FMPS you will have a hard time earning money because most people no longer trust random emails sent by unknown people and without knowing where these offers are coming from. There are so many online scams that most people will not click on these unknown links.

Again, the website promised by FMPS is not real and the landing page you end up creating only has one embedded video. Only very innocent people would trust something so deceitful.

To consider that you own a website it must be on your own domain and you need to have full control over it. What are you getting with FMPS? You receive a pre-designed landing page for your email campaigns but at any time the company can decide to take your page offline and you cannot make any modifications to it, even if you wanted to.

In conclusion, you are not getting the website you are promised.

It is not true that with just 5 minutes and 17 clicks you will have everything ready and the program set up. You need to be prepared to invest a couple of hours understanding the process, create accounts in different platforms, watching instruction videos and of course, have your credit card handy for additional investments.

What I don’t like about the program

For this program to work you must be prepared to invest thousands of dollars just in advertising. Without organic traffic and trust from your users, there is no money to be earned, so in order to attract views to your website and generate clicks through your affiliate links, you must be prepared to pay for traffic.

You will need to pay for other things besides advertising as well.

When you subscribe to the email list platform, FMPS never tells you that you will have to incur in additional expenses. At first, I thought there was an agreement between FMPS and to use their platform for free, but then I realized I only had a 30-day free trial and I needed to upgrade to a paid account in order to continue to use their services.

See the image below for’s price tiers.

I did not have good experience using FMPS and I did not find an effective way to build an online business without ending up confused and frustrate due to money and time spent.

If you would like to know the right way to build an online business, I recommend you check my full guide about how to earn passive income online.

Generating traffic through advertising is a good strategy that many people use for affiliate marketing but it can be very costly and I do not recommend it for beginners.

The best and sure way to generate traffic is taking advantage of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. This way also ensures your potential readers and followers are able to verify your work and build a relationship based on trust with you.


Are there any benefits to using Five Minute Profit Sites?

You will get access to a couple of trainings. For example, you will learn how to use an email list using the platform which will allow you to create email lists and autoresponders forms. This is a valuable technique when working with affiliate marketing. The way FMPS goes about it though is not the proper way because it relies on paid advertising only.

You will also get some training on how to use ClickBank affiliate network and another email provided like Aweber in case you want to use them instead of

 You create a free and successful email list by creating quality content that helps people with their needs. In other words, posting articles that rank high in Google, Yahoo and Bing’s search results. FMPS glosses over this important aspect of affiliate marketing entirely.

But we are talking about the benefits so another positive aspect about FMPS is that it helps you find different platforms that you can use later on, like paid advertising platforms. This is important to know, but again, not for beginners. After you have a real website set up and several written articles, then you can consider paying for ads.

Is Five Minute Profit Sites A scam


They advertise a program and do not properly disclose everything that is required for it to work. In addition, the way they go about it has been proven to be ineffective.

Following this program will not allow you to earn $500 a day, let alone the “recommendation” to invest in advertising that will have you pay thousands of dollars. Without quality content and not being able to get ranked in any of the search engines result pages is a recipe for failure in the affiliate marketing business.

How can you truly make a living with Affiliate Marketing?

How affiliate marketing work

I am sure you have read about people making money with affiliate marketing, this type of business is becoming more and more popular. It is clear that the people that are having success are the ones not taking shortcuts in the process. To be successful in affiliate marketing you need to work hard, there is no easy money.

This is what I do for a living, I was able to leave my 9 – 5 job and work from home, I know there are many opportunities to earn income online but there is also a lot of scams out there. Unfortunately, FMPS does not fall in the legitimate opportunity category.

If you don’t want to waste any more of your time on scams, you can follow in my footsteps and start like I did a couple of years ago.

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