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How to write an About Me page for a website [ Steps that will impact your readers]

Let’s be realistic, for many people, writing the ‘About Me’ page is not that simple. How to know if we are sharing too much personal information? or, how actually give a good impression to the readers of your site? How to write the about me page for a website that is just starting?

If you follow the tips and guidance I will lay out, you will be able to create something great that will make you feel proud of yourself.

In this article, I will also explore some strategies that you can use to promote your brand or business, generate more traffic and engagement. If you follow the template below, you will leave a very good first impression for your readers.

This guide contains four sections. The first one, I talk about relevant points that you can follow when writing your about page. Second, you will find a template that can be used for said page. Third, I will talk about some extra tips and lastly my final thoughts.



  • Your “about me” page should reflect what your brand is all about.
  • Try to write this post with a job interview scheme in mind. Why? Because it will be the most comprehensive way for your readers to get to know you, trust you and get them to know if your page will help them or not.
  • Take advantage of this space to promote your professional brand.
  • You will see that many websites just add personal information about the writers but, what are your readers thinking about? The readers are visiting your website asking themselves more, about how is it that you can help them? How are they going to benefit from your pages? and less about your hobbies or lifestyle. Any personal information about yourself that is shared should be relevant to your business.
  • Analyzing the purchase behavior cycle of online customers, research shows that most readers will visit your website at least three times before clicking on any affiliate links before making a purchase decision. That is why I recommend planning carefully the content of your about me page.


A brief welcome to your site (1 paragraph)

(You can start by giving a warm welcome and then proceed to introduce yourself. Then, provide a brief reason why you created this website)

Your Story (2-3 paragraphs)

(Here, I share my personal goal and how did the journey start for me) Share something about your life that could be interesting and relevant to your niche).

Why your readers should follow your blog?  (1 paragraph)

(Provide a brief reason why your readers should subscribe to your site. Say what are the benefits they will receive from you, what are the advantages of following you)

What is the purpose of your business  (1 paragraph)

(Here you can talk a little bit of what your blog offers, what are you selling, what are you teaching, what does your content convey)

Why you want to help people (few paragraphs)

(This is very important because readers tend to follow people that have truly helped them. Take the opportunity and explain Why do you want to help people in your respective niche).

The Goal of your Site (few paragraphs)

Be honest, what do you want to achieve with your site, what do you want to give to your reader (few paragraphs)

Offer your personal help (1 paragraph)

(for example: If you ever have any questions feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you)

My best wishes,



Add at least one or two pictures of yourself.

Add one or two ‘Call to Action’ links. This will incentivize your readers to continue browsing your website. Use one of your best posts to do it.

For example:

  • Click here to see my most popular article.
  • Visit this page where you will find…
  • Know more about…

Visit other websites related to your niche or audience and see what other successful bloggers have in their about page. This will help you know more about what is working and what might not for your niche.

Final thoughts

When writing your “about me page” do so, thinking about how to help your readers to get to know you better, trust you and how to understand your blog and posts better.

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How did I do? Please give me your Feedback

Where the examples I gave was clear enough to help you build the About Me page easily?

Please leave me a comment or question below and I will be happy to help in any way I can.

I enjoy helping people who are starting as a blogger and building an online business around anything they are passionate about.

See you around.

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