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How to get more organic traffic for your website (The Effective Way)

The persistent growth in traffic is one of the goals of every online business. If you are starting your online business or are simply looking for effective tools and techniques to generate more organic traffic, you have reached the right place. I will show you how to get more organic traffic to your website by revealing the techniques I personally use.

Overview of what we will be discussing.

Step #1.    Do effective keyword research 

Step #2.   Pay attention to you Website’s SEO

 A. Increase your CTR by writing catchy titles (Special Bonus)

B. Develop an anchor text strategy (External and internal links)

   C. High quality and relevant content ( simple techniques you can apply)

   D. Choose a hosting site that provides really good loading speeds and SSL certificate for your website

Step #3.  Utilize Email Marketing Strategies

Step #4. Get Involve in social media and forums that are relevant to your niche

How to get more organic traffic for your website

how to get more organic traffic for your website

Step #1. Do effective keyword research before writing your articles.

Keywords are one of the most important pillars of organic traffic. Focus on studying and analyzing them before starting an article on your blog.

There are many tools that you can use but I will be focusing in two of them.

  • Keyword Planner  (Free with a Google AdSense account)
  • Jaaxy (Free with a Wealthy Affiliate account)

 Google Keyword Planner

Is one of the most popular keyword tools out there. It is provided by Google and you can access it for free by creating a Google AdSense account.

I recommend Keyword planner because starting with a completely free tool when you are on a budget, is sometimes the best way to go.

What do you get with Keyword Planner?

You will have access to thousands of keywords totally free. The only drawback is that the keywords you are researching are coming only from the Google search engine and it might be oriented to people looking to earn money through AdSense,

The good news is that you can discover really great keywords using the campaign creation option.

Jaaxy Keyword  Research:

Jaaxy is the best keyword finder I have ever used and It’s also a free tool for all bloggers that belong to the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

WA or Wealthy Affiliate is a Community Training Portal that I belong to. To know more about WA, I personally encourage you to check my WA review using the link below.

>>> Wealthy Affiliate Review

I personally prefer and use Jaaxy as it is a more powerful tool when it comes to discovering keywords.

The keyword you use will mean the difference between earning thousands or just cents.

My Experience Using Jaaxy

I have been using Jaaxy since I started at Wealthy Affiliate. Because of its great results, I highly recommend it.

I believe every blogger that wants to take its online business seriously, sooner or later will have to invest in a good keyword finder. It will be the tool that you will be using the most in your business.

Like any tool, people always find ways to learn the best techniques to use the tool. So let me share with you what has given me the best results with Jaaxy.

Key facts that you need to take into consideration when choosing the best keyword for your niche

  • When choosing a keyword, try to use full sentences as opposed to simpler words. For example: instead of using “video cameras” you can instead use “best video cameras for outdoors” with that you get a better sense of the user intention.
  • As a general rule, I choose keywords that have less than 100 average monthly searches (AVG) and that have less than 100 competing websites (QSR). It is always easier to rank a post using keywords that have lower average monthly searches than the ones with massive average searches.
  • Analyzing the keyword competition you have selected is also essential when choosing the best keyword. This will help you determine if you will be able to outperform your competition or not.

Step #2. Pay special attention optimizing your Website SEO.

  • Increase your CTR by Writing Catchy Titles
  • Create an anchor text strategy
  • High quality and relevant content
  • Loading speed and SSL certification are also important metrics for the search engines.

Following these optimization guidelines will ensure Google or other search engines rank your website in their first page of results.

How can you achieve this?

I will explain using the following 4 steps I have learned along the way.

You may agree with me that when we search in Google, we normally find what we are looking for on the first-page and we rarely click on the second page, Right? But how do you make people click on your site? How can you make your post stand out?

Let’s find out!

Increase your CTR by Writing Catchy Titles

If you can update your titles adding some catchy words, it will allow you to kill two birds with one single stone.

At first, it will help you increase the number of users clicking on your post and the result happens almost immediately. Second, it will make Google improve your rankings when it notices your improved CTR metric.

I know we have been talking about CTR, but for those of you that do not know what it is yet, I will explain it below.

 What CTR Means to Bloggers?

CTR means Click through rate. In other words, it’s the percentage of clicks made to access your website in relation to the number of times your website was displayed as a search result.

You can improve your CTR in two ways:

1. Catchy titles that also include your keyword
2. Captivating meta description

Try these key factors and see the CTR improvement yourself!

Create an anchor text strategy

Internal and external links in your post is an important factor for search engines.  Google considers anchor text as a metric to rank your site and, as a result, you get more traffic.

If you are just starting your blog, you probably don’t have many options to use internal links. But, as you continue to grow, I highly recommend updating your first few articles to add internal links with articles you have written afterward.

High quality and relevant content

Creating quality content is the heart of any online business success. Having a great SEO strategy is fundamental. But one thing you need to remember is that the content we create is for people like you and me. So, be mindful that your objective is to create engagement.

Focus your writing using the most natural possible way and, always create content to please the needs of your readers.

Another point to consider is your competition. As you may know, there is more competition online than never before. In order to keep up, try to make your articles between 1000 and 2000 words to see better results.

In addition, having a good hosting Server is essential to your organic traffic. Let’s explain that below.

Loading speed and SSL Certification are also Important Metrics for Search Engines.

Have the habit of monitoring your website. I will show you the three factors you should pay attention to when doing so.

  • Good loading speed is an SEO Metric for Search Engines
  1. If you are using WordPress, make sure you carefully select the plugins installed on your website. Why? because having too many can drastically slow down the loading speed of your business.
  2. Optimize your images. My recommendation is that they do not go above 200Kb.

    There are many tools you can use to optimize your pictures. I personally use TinyPNG to downsize my images. With TinyPNG you can compress your pictures without compromising the quality. It really does a great job.

Lets now talk about loading speed,

What tool can you use to measure the loading speed of your website?

I personally use the tool “PageSpeed Insights” inside Wealthy Affiliate. The tool is also available directly from Google. You can access it by clicking the link below. To use it, simply type your URL and get ready to see your result. Simple, right?

>>> Website Speed Tester – Google PageSpeed Insights 

This speed test tool is totally free. Is designed to monitor the website’s performance and optimization. Also, it can help you identify faults in your website related to Google’s Web Performance Best Practices.

If you realize any loading speed issues you may be experiencing lies directly within your hosting provider, of course, I will recommend switching your hosting provider. If you wonder about the transferring process of your blog, know that normally the hosting platform companies have this process fully automated.

On the other hand, to all of you that want to know what hosting and website builder provider I use, is SiteRubix. It comes included with the premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate.

You can learn more about SiteRubix using the link below

>> SiteRubix – Website Builder and Hosting Platform

  • SSL Certificate is also a best practice to be in compliance

Make sure your site is using an SSL certificate. This has become an important metric for search engines.

But you may be wondering what is an SSL certificate, Right? So let me explain.

SSL = Secure Sockets Layer

its objective is to provide privacy and integrity to data transferred between your website and your users.

How do you know if your website has SSL Certificate?

The easiest way to know is using your own URL. If it starts with ‘https://’ it means your hosting site is offering you SSL certificate, otherwise, you are not in compliance with Google security metrics.

Now that we covered SEO, let’s proceed with another method you can use to improve your website traffic.

Step #3. Email Marketing strategies

This is another powerful strategy you can use to optimize your traffic. I highly recommend email marketing campaigns for any website using affiliate links or even for personal blogs.

What is email marketing campaign about?

It consists of offering your readers SOMETHING FREE that you know they won’t be able to resist. Something like a free training or tutorial related to your niche can make a huge difference in traffic.

You can promote it through landing pages, or having an advertisement for it in the sidebar on your website.

An example of this could be something like this: “Register Today and obtain my free guide on how to start your online business”.

I personally think this strategy is very effective, you can give away anything. Again, has to be something that your readers will find valuable.

Step #4. Utilize Social Media & Forums Relevant to your Niche

This will allow you to create participation and trust between you and your readers and as a result, it will increase the traffic your website sees. This is will increase the opportunity to earn more income.

Create accounts in the main social media platforms, but I recommend to focus on just one or two.

In Summary

To increase your organic traffic, take your time and do proper keyword research.

Optimize your website with the latest SEO techniques. You can start by updating your headlines with catchy titles, introduce internal and external links and offer quality content.

Make sure your website has an acceptable loading speed. Do not use big-sized images or too many plugins so that the loading speed is not affected. Develop your email marketing campaigns and of course have a robust social media presence.

If you have any comments or want to share some other strategies to improve organic traffic, please do so, we all grow together.

See you around,

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