How Determination Leads to Success [Encouragement]

The road to success comes through hard work, determination, and personal sacrifice. Everyone starts a project with determination and self-motivation. But, how does determination lead to success? How do we keep ourselves motivated?

According to the Merriam Webster, determination is the act to decide in a definitive way. The people around you, your family and friends can keep you motivated to reach your goals, but determination is yours alone, it needs to come from within you to want to finish a project.

How Determination Leads to Success


 #1. It Allows You to Take the Reins of Your Own Destiny

If you observe highly successful people, every one of them has an unbreakable determination. They know what they want, they are aware of their potential and are not afraid to take risks,

Their determination leads them through roads others have never tried. They are passionate about what they do and they have been able to get ahead because nothing can stop them. They do not make excuses for work and do so until exhaustion.

If today you have the determination to take control of your life, you won’t regret it. By doing so, you will start to build toward success, because success is a road with many individual goals.

“Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determinations” – John Seaman Garns

#2. Determination Allows You to Persevere Until You Reaches Your Goal.


Fail is something we cannot ignore. It is said that Thomas Edison failed countless times before he perfected the lightbulb.  How did he do it? Determination and passion helped him get through to the end. He did not give up or felt himself to be a failure after trying so many times.

When you start a project and you feel as if you are failing, in reality, you are not, you are building experience for your next attempt. That is the way Mr. Edison thought things through.

When I decided to build an online business and earn passive income, the thought of doing so was something totally new for me and I liked the idea of being able to work from home with minimal monetary investment on my part.

I started writing my blog while I was still a full-time employee. I won’t sugar coat it, the beginning was very difficult because there wasn’t enough time, but what helped me? First, the dream of being able to spend more time with my family by working from home and second, the determination I had to achieve this dream.

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The idea, my friends, is that you propose projects for yourself that will help you grow and be better as a person.

  #3. Determination Helps you Have a Clear Vision for Your Goals.


In 1882, at the age of two years old, a little girl was affected by a disease that left her blind and deaf. The girl seemed to be in a constant depression because she did not show interest in almost anything. Do you know who was this little girl? Helen Keller, the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Helen Keller was once asked by a journalist the following “Ms. Keller, is there something worse than not being able to see?” and Helen responded “Yes, there are many people who have both eyes to see… but they lack vision.”

To have vision is to know where you want to go, no matter if you are inexperienced, if you just finished high school or if you are a mature person.

This is important because determination can help you find your bearings and help you get where you want to go.

Keeping yourself determined is difficult when things are not turning out the way we want them to but, once you make a decision, a determination can you help you find the final push needed to finish a project.

#4.  Determination will Help you in Difficult Moments


Determination does not get scared by frustration, tiredness or lack of motivation. It is the engine that helps you move on, that without rime or reason, it tells you to keep trying.

This drive to do things can be compared to a moving train. A train forges on without a change in direction. Even though it travels across mountains and plains, it always continues moving forward on its rails until it reaches its destination. Of course, unless the conductor decides to stop it. 🙂

People with determination face life like a moving train. But why is it so hard sometimes? It’s simple, we need to learn to hold on against uncertainty and trust more in ourselves.

“If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.”– Anonymous

When we are faced with uncertainty and challenges, our subconscious presents to us two choices to make:

  • Do you want to continue, bravely facing this challenge?
  • Do you want to go back to your comfort zone where everything remains the way it has always been?

I am not saying that when things get tough it’s easy to keep yourself motivated, but here is when you have the choice to keep going or not, to resist or give up. The level of determination you have will allow you to keep forging ahead toward your destiny.

#5. Determination helps you train your mind to be prepared for change

Learning to train your mind to face new challenges is necessary and requires determination. When I started training for affiliate marketing, I did not have extensive knowledge about websites or content creation. I needed to learn the business, investigate and create content for my readers. I remember I had very little time to work on it, so trust me, I understand very well the psychological pressure.

You will challenge yourself and ask if what you are doing is truly worth it. But, of course, it is worth it! Working toward your dreams and goals is the way we grow and achieve success. Never doubt that! I did not have from the start this determination to give the best of me, but by that time I had my goals very clear; I wanted to work from home and spend more time with my family.

What I have learned these past years is that determination will help you be more positive and trust more in life. It’s simple to explain, when you have determination there is no time for negative thoughts.

 #6. Determination Drives you to Work Hard

When you have determination, you will work with a different drive and with a sense of urgency. It’s like when you go out on a road trip and you are determined to reach your destination at a specific time. You do everything in your power to drive the most you can and do minimal stops in order to achieve your goal.

Determination will tell you that there are no excuses, you must continue moving forward because it’s the only way to reach your goal.

Final Thoughts

Easy work will not take you far in life, knowledge and hard work instead, will strengthen you and will lead you to success. Determination also means sacrifice.

Leave your comfort zone, take action, make mistakes and have fun while doing it all.

If you have any stories about a time when you lacked determination, I would like to hear it.

On the other hand, those of you that have great determination for things, what crosses through your mind when you know you have the potential to fail? What helps you to keep going forward?

Maybe you are struggling with determination or motivation. I would like you to share your stories with us. And if you have overcome those struggles, how did you do it?

I wish you the best of success


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